Public safety is important to citizens, businesses, and communities

Public safety is important to citizens, businesses, and communities. Under Mayor Byron Brown’s leadership, there have been major gains to make Buffalo a safer city. Overall crime is down 35%.

Since 2006, Mayor Byron Brown has invested significant funds in both police and fire technology, training, equipment and resources, including the installation of over 240 police cameras, replaced the entire firefighting fleet, opened three new fire houses, implemented a Code Red Emergency and Non-Emergency Alert system, and successfully negotiated new union contracts for Police and Fire, this included a residency requirement for both departments.

In 2015, Buffalo saw the ‘lowest crime rate’ in the city’s recorded history.  From Mayor Brown’s Zero Tolerance policing policy, to beefing up the Buffalo Police narcotics division, to removing over 15,000 illegal guns off of city streets, the Brown Administration’s strategies are producing results.

Mayor Byron Brown has implemented a number of plans to improve policing and better serve the needs of everyone in the city. There’s a strong emphasis placed on reestablishing community policing to improve dialogue between our community and police officers. Monthly meetings are held at each district police station, as well regular meetings with the Concerned Clergy, and Block Club leaders. 

Under Mayor Byron Brown’s direction, the City of Buffalo has entered its third year of partnering with the Peacemakers Gang Intervention Program; the Peacemakers help defuse potentially violent situations and work with residents and law enforcement to make our community safer.

Buffalo was the first city in the region to equip its police and firefighters with Narcan – an overdose drug reversal medication – which was implemented to fight addictions and save lives.