Strong neighborhoods are essential

Strong neighborhoods are essential to the quality of life we enjoy in Buffalo and Mayor Brown continues his commitment to creating a City with great opportunities for every resident in every neighborhood.

Since 2006, the Brown administration has invested over $52 million to improve and beautify Buffalo’s park system, continuing to set a standard of excellence. In 2015, The Guardian named Olmsted Park system as one of the top 10 in the world, while the American Planning Association recognized Delaware Park as one of the Great Places in America. Examples of recent park improvements include the $11.8 million Broderick Park area renovation; $5.4 million investment at LaSalle Park, $4.5 million Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Water Attraction, and the $1.8 million North Buffalo Rail-to-Trails project. 

Since 2006, Mayor Byron Brown has strategically committed $32 million for affordable housing projects that leveraged $210 million in development and created over 1,200 new housing units for city residents, senior citizens and veterans.

The Brown administration has invested over $530 million on infrastructure projects citywide. Over $100 million has been allocated to demolish more than 5,700 blighted properties, and 241 Clean Sweeps have been conducted to improve neighborhoods citywide.

The city’s Bicycle Master Plan supports Mayor Brown’s goal to promote awareness about healthy living and healthy lifestyles. By the end of 2016, the city will have developed over 90 miles of bicycle lanes as a result of Mayor Brown’s commitment to create over 10 new bicycle lanes per year. 

34andMore is the city’s first ever public awareness campaign aimed at encouraging city residents and visitors to make recycling a priority. In 2011, the recycling rate in Buffalo was 11%. Today, as a result of “34 and More Buffalo Recycles”, city residents reached a recycling rate of 26%…closing in on Mayor Brown’s goal of 34%.

Mayor Brown’s commitment to protecting our environment has resulted in nearly $2.5 million invested on energy efficiency measures at over 45 city-owned facilities, while the Buffalo Sewer Authority has spent over $20 million in energy upgrades over the last 9 years that have cut natural gas usage and reduced electrical usage. A number of smart growth policies have been implemented under Mayor Brown to encourage energy smart transportation; upgrade the central business district energy system; and remove barriers to private renewable energy generation through the green code.