Our strength can be measured in our progress. Let’s continue working to build Buffalo together!

Dear Friends,

There is no greater privilege than to serve all of the residents of the City of Buffalo as your Mayor.

I’m even prouder today than I was nearly twelve years ago when I was first elected Mayor. We are a world-class people in a world-class City, and I am blessed to ‘Stand for Buffalo’ because it has been my honor to serve this City of truly Good Neighbors.

We’ve achieved what few imagined was possible.

Mayor Brown Stands For Buffalo

Let's continue working to build Buffalo together!

Brown continue my commitment to creating a City with great opportunities for every resident in every neighborhood.


A good education is important to our young people having a good future


Brown and his administration understand the important role businesses play in the local economy and quality of life.


Brown continues to foster an economic development strategy that spurs the growth of a diverse economy, creates quality jobs and encourages equal access to economic prosperity.

Join those who stand for Mayor Brown

Three Guiding Principles:

Attract more economic development and job growth

Improve the quality of life for residents in neighborhoods citywide

Strengthen the delivery of city services

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